History of Sub City in the Cedar Valley

Sub City was started in New Jersey by Bob Dickson. The first Sub City was located in the living room of his private home. His reputation for the biggest and best subs around, at a fair price, spread fast. In a very short time, Sub City became one of the most popular sub shops in the area.  In 1985, Bob Dickson moved to Iowa and opened the first Sub City of Iowa. This store was located on 23rd Street in Cedar Falls, across from the University of Northern Iowa campus. At that time, there were none of the chain sub shops that are in the area today. The number of restaurants that classify themselves as sub sandwich shops has increased dramatically since Bob opened his first store, but Sub City is the original New Jersey style sub, and is still the favorite sub sandwich in the Cedar Valley. We make our subs exactly the way Bob made them in New Jersey.

We don't have pre-cut meats or cheeses at Sub City!

We custom make every sub. We cut every slice of meat and cheese right in front of you!
Real Submarine Sandwiches!
SubCity Voted the Best!
This speaks volumes about the quality of our subs, as well as the loyalty of our customers, especially when you consider that one of our “competitors” has four to five times as many locations in the Cedar Valley area as there are Sub City locations!
Best in the Cedar Valley!

We urge you to try any of our “competitors” and compare!

There is Only One Sub City!
You'll Agree

You may find lower prices, but we’re convinced you won’t find a better value–day after day, year after year–no coupon required!

Best Value for Your Sub Dollar!